Friday, January 22, 2010

January Prayers

Please pray for:

Troy - for full healing
Cheri - for strength and wisdom
Hailey Cockerham - 15yr from Lorena with a brain tumor. Brenda works with her mom.
Reese Nicholson - 3yr old friend of Kathy's with cancer
Teri Housman - bone cancer

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi Ladies, please let me know if I need to add anyone to the prayer list.

Ruthie Worsham (Charles 7 Charlotte Wiethorn's other daughter) She has breast cancer detected in the early stages.

Chuck - Lisa's cousin with cancer. Cancer is not getting worse, but not getting better either. Lots of chemo still to go.

The Family of Michael Rode - Michael was Suzy's cousin who passed away from cancer. Prayers for his wife and kids.

Baby Peyton - Regan Webb's baby girl born very, very premature

Lauren Key - lost her baby very late in her pregnancy

Craig Moehnke's brother - severe MRSA but doing better

Shanelle - Suzy's foster daughter. Prayers for her safety

Donald Lillard - received a pacemaker last week

Gina Lechler - breast cancer, doing well but still lots of treatments to go

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pray & YAY!

Hi Ladies! We had a great circle meeting this past Wednesday. Lots of yummy food and a great devotion. That devotion was just what I needed to get me through the next day although I didn't know it at the time. Our verse for this month:
"And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." Hebrews 10:24

Lots of prayers needed this month:

Ben Klockers - they just found out at his last eye appointment that he is developing cataracts

Ernesto Galle & Earl Courtney (Kathy's dad) - both recovering from surgery to repair a broken leg

Baby Kaison Cook - will have surgery in September to help kidneys function better

Baby Emersyn Bruce - kidney reflux

Mr. Hatchett - Brenda's dad, was hospitalized for a short time but is doing better

Angie Herdman - Kathy's friend who is recovering from surgery

Beth - Jeanne's friend's daughter, prayers for her in her new marriage and life and faith

Bridgette - Tammy's cousin that just found out that she has blood clots on her brain....prayers for healing and comfort and a positive report at her next Dr. visit

Prayers for all kiddos making a transition as the school year starts...whether it be starting a daycare or starting a new grade with a new teacher....also prayers for all of our teachers and administrators as they start a new year!!!!

Our cancer prayer list:
Kenneth Bubert
Dovie Luedeker
Michael Rode - Suzy's cousin
Melissa - Lorna's sister
Julie - Jeanne's friend
Gina Lechler
Rick Lawson
Chuck Parton - Lisa's brother-in-law
Harold Hickman - Rhianna's cousin
John Hartgraves - Kathy's Uncle
Terry Housman


Mara Hering is completely healed from her kidney problems...they went in for the testing and the doctors were amazed that they saw complete healing!!! YAY!!

Ronda Pruett is healed of her cancer and is doing well!!! YAY!!!

Please let me knowif I missed anyone or of anyone that needs to be added to the list. Please give me updates as needed. 1 - 2 - 3 PRAY!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hi Ladies! Please e-mail me or leave a comment if you have a prayer request that I need to add!

Please pray for:

Melissa - Lorna Hering's sister. She is half way through with chemo and is doing well!

Ronda Pruitt - had her surgery and is recovering well....they think that it's all gone!!! YAY!

Darcy Cassidy - 5 yr old from Meridian with cancer. She is at St. Judes receiving treatment. Visit her site here:

Anne Lockhart - Kathy's sister. She'll have another heart ablation June 1st.

Mara Hering - Will have kidney test done in June to see if her kidneys are functioning properly or if surgery will need to be done.

Joe Barr - Young man from Gatesville (Tammy works with his mom Ginger) that has ulcerative colitis and will have his colon removed. His sister was killed in a car accident a few years ago and now he is going through this major health problem. Pray for him and his family.

Donald Lillard - He is strong enough now to get his pacemaker...YAY! Continue prayers...

Terry Housman - myeloma cancer...taking treatments, bone marrow transplant in the near future

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Prayer Post

Hi Ladies,

Please keep everyone here on you daily prayer list. As always, contact me if you need someone added or if I accidentally left anyone off.

*Lesley's friend Dee Dee who lost her 16 year old daughter in a car accident.

*Prayers for Maddie....God knows what she needs.

*Anne Lockhart - Kathy's sister...heart ablation on June the 1st

*Kenneth Bubert - that he continues to heal from his cancer

*Ronda Pruitt - breast cancer, chemo over, surgery coming

*Terry Housman - myeloma cancer...taking treatments, bone marrow transplant in the near future

*Darcy Cassidy - 5yr old from Meridian with cancer

*Alexis - recovering from brain trauma

*Chad's grandma (Andy's mom)- she is not doing well....prayers for her and the family at this time.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pray & Yay

Luke Lammert - sciatic nerve pain

Donald Lillard - kidneys & heart

Bruce Brandenberger (Jody's dad) - Conflicting PSA#'s (prostate)

Kaison Cook (Wade & Misty's new baby boy) - kidney problems

The Edwards Family - Jim leaves for Iraq the first part of February

Joan Henager - Rheumatoid arthritis

Verna Rogers - Jeanne's mom...macular degeneration

Prayers for those with cancer -

Devon Kinnear
Ronda Pruitt
Melissa - Lorna's sister
John Hargraves - Kathy's uncle
Kenneth Bubert
Darcy Cassidy - 4yr old little girl with brain cancer that goes to Kathy's mom's church

Also, we need to remember our country, our new president, and all our soldiers in prayer. May we also become more aware of the war and unsettledness in other countries and pray that peace will come soon.

Michael Rode - Suzy's cousin has recovered from his bone marrow transplant and is doing great!
Zane Foster - he is in remission...prayers that he stays in remission!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Circle this Week!!

Don't forget! Circle this week, Wednesday, January 21st, 6:30 PM at the church. Remember the new reading necessary. Just show up for fellowship, food, and a devotional. See you there!